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Digital Printing

Digital printing is best used for items that require high amounts of detail, and orders of a smaller quantity. Images look almost photo-like in quality.

• Large format thermal ink jet printing is ideal for posters, banners, exhibit booths and displays.    

• 1200 DPI, Photo Quality

• 60" Widths

• 6 Colors

• Dye Based or UV based inks to compliment the wide variety of materials available to image.

• Gloss, semi-gloss or matte laminates

• Mounting available

• 2 year Exterior durability

• Fine arts, canvas, photo paper


Screen Printing

One of the oldest and yet the most durable forms of printing in existence today.
When long lasting interior/exterior graphics are the challenge or when large quantities are required, then screen printing is the answer.  This method of printing is perfect for:

• Bumper Stickers

• Fleet graphics

• Aluminum signs

• Polycarbonate face plates

...and the list goes on


Thermal Printing

Thermal transfer printing is a digital printing process in which color and images are applied to vinyl by fusion through heat.  It is best for smaller runs and smaller sizes.  Over 3,700 different colors can be produced through this method.

• Direct to vinyl imaging.

• Durable, Digital Matched Technology for interior or exterior graphics

• Lamination Optional for greater durability

• Economical for one of a kind

• Wide variety of materials to choose from

• Contour cutting eliminate background

• Durable for 3 to 5 years

D.R.A.W.S.  (Durability, Removability, Accountability, Warranty and Specifications

In this day and age, when there are so many different materials, there is never a reason for using an incorrect product for your graphics. If you are experiencing any of the following problems...You do not have the correct product for your application.

• Fading
• Cracking
• Pealing
• Blistering or loss of adhesion
• Sanding at removal time


The performance life of your graphics, decals or banners is dependent on the use of proper materials, and the correct method of production.

PSP stocks a huge assortment of vinyl and reflective films to match the individual needs of our customers. Regardless of the application; whether interior or exterior, permanent or removable, long term or short term, we have the right materials and inks to guard against fading, cracking, pealing and blistering.

For added durability, resistance to UV rays, fuel and oil spillage, or graffiti, we recommend clear coating or over-laminating (a clear protective covering). This not only extends the life of your product, but enhances the beauty of it.

Failures will be a thing of the past, because we have Total Durable Graphic Solutions.


Sanding your vehicle or equipment graphics to get them off should never happen. Your signage should not come off in little pieces either. Maybe you can't get them off at all, because the wrong adhesive was used, or even that your graphics sat out in the sun way too long!

PSP has materials that will remove cleanly (no adhesive residue) with heat and or chemicals for 7+ years. For large format graphics we also stock films that have positionable, pressure activated adhesives.

Just let us know your application and we can give you the product best suited to your needs.


  • PSP has Total Durable Graphic Solutions.
  • We stand behind each and every product we manufacture.
  • We adhere to the strict guide lines set forth by the material manufacturers to keep the warranty intact.
  • We will not substitute materials or inks for those of lesser quality or price, unless you ask us to do so.


  • Almost all vinyl manufacturers that offer a warranty cover their product only. They may also give you a durability statement. 3M's Matched component system covers the product, the manufacture of your decals and the life span of your graphics. You can see 3M's warranty for yourself by clicking on the link below.
  • 3M Graphics Market Center Warranty Brochure 3M MCS Warranty



The specifics of your job need to be stated very clearly when you are placing an order with Pressure Sensitive Products. This is the only way you can be sure that you will get exactly what you want. The correct sizes, colors and end usage will give us the direction we need to produce your graphics in the proper manner and on the correct material.


Reflective graphics are great for maximum impact, day or night. These graphics are typically produced for traffic and safety purposes.  However, more and more business are selecting reflective graphics to give their company round-the-clock visibility.

  • Vehicle graphics
  • Emblems
  • Labels
  • Striping
  • Industrial off road
  • Rail car markings
  • Night time safety

Color Matching

Don’t let anyone tell you that they cannot match your color.  Color matching is one of our strengths.  We produce graphics for Southwest Gas and Massage Envy, because we could match their colors, and guarantee that all future jobs would match their colors as well.

  • Standard colors available at no charge
  • PMS Color Matches may require an additional charge

Base stock colors, laminations and lighting conditions may slightly alter the shade of color matched products.


Art & Design

This is where your project begins.  Getting things started on the right foot is instrumental to having your decals produced exactly as you want them.  The following directions should be followed when producing artwork for your graphics to ensure perfect production of your signage.

  • Digital (computer) artwork is required to avoid costly design charges?
  • Artwork must be submitted at actual size of finished product.
  • All fonts must be converted to outlines/paths.
  • All placed/linked images must be embedded or included separately.
  • All images must include the required bleed if necessary.
  • A color copy or jpg indicating cut should be submitted for reference.
  • All spot colors should be identified correctly.
  • Cut/die line should always be indicated clearly.

Software and/or File Format

  • Illustrator (8 & up) .ai
  • InDesign (1 & up) .indd
  • Photoshop (5 & up) .psd
  • Freehand (8 & up) .fh8
  • Quark Express (4 & up) .qxd
  • Pagemaker (6)
  • Flexisign / ScanVec
  • MS Word / Excel


Ordering Information

  • You can submit orders by phone, fax, or by email.  If you received an estimate on your order, be sure to include that estimate number. If this is an exact reprint of a previous order, please specify the date we previously ran the job, and the invoice number or job number.
  • For all other orders, please include the following information:

Contact Name
Company Name
Telephone Numbers
Email Address
End Use
Usable Artwork



  • There will be no cancellation charges if the order is cancelled before the artwork has been started. If the artwork has been started there will be a minimum $50.00 charge. Once the order has been produced it cannot be cancelled.


  • Manufacturing exact quantities is difficult due to the complexity of each job. A shipment of 10% over or under the quantity requested will constitute a complete order and will be billed accordingly.  To make sure that you receive the quantity that you ordered, it is always best to order a few overs.

Rush Orders

  • For an additional charge, we will produce an order in less than normal production time. Charges will vary depending on the complexity of the art and our current work load.


Shipping Procedure                                   

  • Indicate your preferred shipping method. Unless instructions are given, we will ship Ground via a standard carrier.
  • If Motor Freight shipments are required, there will be an additional skidding charge of $20.00 for the necessary packing.
  • We ship all orders freight prepaid and added unless instructed otherwise.
  • If C.O.D. an additional $12.00 will be added to cover the handling.
  • Insurance available upon request for orders above $100.00.
  • PSP is not responsible for orders lost or damaged in transit.
  • Split shipments will be assessed and additional charge of $13.50 per destination.


F.O.B. Point

  • All prices are F.O.B. our plant in Phoenix, Arizona