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Magnetic Sign Printing, Car, Truck, and Vehicle Magnets In Phoenix, Arizona


Magnets are an effective way to share a message, because they can be easily applied and removed. Combined with high-quality graphics, magnets can be valuable marketing tools. Businesses have the flexibility to use their magnets on vehicles, for events, as business cards, or even a promotional freebie as a reminder to loyal customers.

Whenever an employee is going on a work-related errand, they can increase brand awareness just by having magnetics on the sides of their car. One of the biggest benefits of magnetics is that they are durable enough to withstand the outdoor elements without having to be permanently applied.

Schools, doctors’ offices, taxi companies, house cleaners, and any other type of service related businesses can all use magnetics. These small colorful reminders will help keep your business’ name and phone number in front of clients daily. They can be contour cut to a specific shape or just left as a square or circle.

At Pressure Sensitive Products, we can make a magnet that suits your organization’s needs and advertising campaign. Our precision cutting equipment makes it easy to create custom contour or popular shapes that will fit into your magnet’s design. Magnets are travel-friendly, making them an awesome product that can be carried with you.