Car and Truck Wraps, Decals & Stickers Installation and Removal In Phoenix, AZ

  In need of application? Our professional team of qualified installers is available to do on-site applications wherever and whenever our customers need us. Our lead installer, with over 36 years of experience, will advise the best time of day, evening or night to install your graphics. As the desert southwest sun and heat can have adverse effects on your decals if not applied within the proper temperature range. Not in the Southwest? Not a problem! Pressure Sensitive Products has partnered with several teams of installers across the United States that will see to it that your graphics will be applied according to specifications. Our installer will do a vehicle inspection before attempting to apply your graphics, and if he sees any problem areas, he will address those issues before applying your decals.  This way there will be no surprises for our customer or the installer, and you will have great looking graphics for years to come. Each application estimate is custom figured based on condition of item that it is being applied to, square footage, supplies, manpower, per diem and trip charges. With over 53 years of combined experience in the industry, you can rest assured that your graphics will be installed quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. REMOVAL Pressure Sensitive Products can also handle the removal of faded or out-dated graphics.  Removal is always more expensive than installation,   That is usually because the decals have been on way too long or  the incorrect material or adhesive was used in the initial install. Please give Brenda a call at our office. She schedules all of our installs and removals.  She will set up a time for us to go over your vehicle/vehicles before we give you an estimate.