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Keep Your Marketing Message in Front Of Your Audience With Refrigerator Magnets and Magnetic Signs for Cars, Trucks, and Other Vehicles In Phoenix, Arizona

Turn your vehicle into a rolling advertisement instantly with our magnet signs. We can also create magnetic signs of any size that you can use as business cards, refrigerator magnets, event signs and more. This is a high-impact, cost-effective way to keep your marketing message in front of your audience on a daily basis!

Why Do You Need It?

Your advertising messages are most powerful when your audience sees them multiple times. Using magnetic signs lets you quickly and easily put your ad message on any vehicle – whether the vehicle is parked or driving, thousands of people are sure to see your ad!

In addition, the experienced team at our Phoenix custom printing shop can create small magnets that you can use as promotional freebies (AKA advertising specialties). For example, we can create beautifully branded refrigerator magnets that your prospects and customers will see multiple times per day, every day!

Our precision cutting technology lets us create magnets in a variety of shapes. Plus our advanced printing equipment means you end up with a high-resolution image that’s sure to capture your audience’s attention!

Outstanding Customer Service, Superior Product, and Exceptional Workmanship! We will never use another company to wrap our vehicles. Capistrano's Bakery is a customer for life!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses magnetic car signs?

Schools, doctors’ offices, taxi companies, house cleaners, and any other type of service-related businesses can all use vehicle magnetic signs and refrigerator magnets. These small colorful reminders will help keep your business’ name and phone number in front of clients daily, which makes this a cost-effective way to build top-of-mind awareness and boost revenue!

Why choose vehicle magnets instead of vehicle wraps?

One of the biggest benefits of magnetics is that they are durable enough to withstand the outdoor elements without having to be permanently applied. Whenever an employee is going on a work-related errand, they can increase brand awareness just by having magnetic signs on the sides of their car.

What shape magnets can you create?

At Pressure Sensitive Products, we can make a magnet that suits your organization’s needs and advertising campaign. Our precision cutting equipment makes it easy to create custom contours or popular shapes that will fit into your magnet’s design, or they can be left as a square or circle.


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