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Let Use the Latest in Screen-Printing Technology to Create Long-Lasting, Fade-Resistant Graphics, Decals, Signs, and More in Phoenix, Arizona!

If you’re looking for vibrant, durable and fade-resistant graphics, decals, stickers, signs, and other printed items, then screen printing is your solution! Our custom printing company in Phoenix can create graphics, decals, stickers, and signs for your vehicles, windows, walls, and more. Whether you need them permanently affixed to showcase your brand, or you want to use your signage or stickers in the short term for an event or promotion, we got you covered.

Why Use Screen Printing?

This is an “old school” method of printing banners, signs, and stickers, but it’s still used extensively because it produces bold colors that won’t fade. That’s because we produce your screen-printed items with UV inks and clear coats, which ensures you can use your sticker or signs for years to come, even under the desert sun in Phoenix, Arizona!

Pressure Sensitive Products has been our number 1 decal supplier for many years. A very professional staff and always ready to go above and beyond in customer service. We are a very large company that has City contracts, so the response times are critical, and PSP has not let us down.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you print intricate details using your screen-printing technology?

Generally, the ink we use for screen printing is too heavy to create fine details on a design. However, if you have an intricate design, we can produce it using our digital printing to create a product with the “wow” factor.

Can you print a large quantity of products using screen printing?

Yes. There are no limitations when it comes to quantities or size. This makes screen printing a good option for large-run items such as promotional bumper stickers, window signs, and more. Generally the larger quantity you print, the less expensive it is per piece, which saves you a lot of money while producing a high-impact product.


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