Sticker and Label Printing, Parking Decals, and Bumper Stickers in Phoenix, Arizona


Custom made stickers and labels are a simple way to enhance an item. For example, what was once a hard hat can become branding for a construction firm. Our precision cutting methods allow us to create durable and unique shapes for a variety of uses.

Any of these custom logo decals or labels will greatly increase brand awareness among people within your company’s community and targeted audience. Whether your organization is trying to draw in loyal clients with personalized packaging, or informing passers-by of a nearby of a construction site office, our staff can make it happen with our industry-leading equipment and techniques.

We offer a complete range of labels and stickers on a variety of materials—making any simple product into a revamped, branded marketing item. Regardless of what your business orders today, Pressure Sensitive Products will guarantee that each sticker and label will be made with highest quality materials and inks.

Bumper stickers

These custom made stickers are a commonly used marketing tool, because they are still an effective way to communicate with others. Printed on white removable vinyl, these stickers become a great marketing tool that will remove easily for up to one year. Vehicles are always on the road going somewhere, which allows bumper stickers to consistently reach out to prospective and targeted customers. We recommend ordering these in large numbers to get the best value for your on-the-go marketing campaign.

Our durable bumper stickers can feature your company’s name, logo, address or slogan in a variety of sizes as well as shapes. Bumper stickers are made to last a year or two, so it is essential to create a marketable message.

Parking decals

Have a popular parking lot, but don’t know which cars truly belong there? Reduce space congestion with custom made vinyl car decals. Parking decals can be placed on a car’s windshield, window or rearview mirror. These stickers can be easily installed and reduce confusion for an organization’s security staff or town police department.

Businesses can control the capacity of parking lots with short-term, permanent and visitor parking decals with a color-coded system. Parking personnel who do not see these recognizable parking decals can charge them for parking in a reserved location or contact a local tow truck. Consider making a personalized parking decal to increase visibility among trespassers.

Equipment and product ID

These labels can include the product identification number, serial number, instructions, user specifications or safety facts. They are also great for inventory control. Businesses may also include their address and phone number, making it easier for customers to find your contact information.

These labels can be manufactured on an embossable aluminum foil for writing, or as a plain vinyl sticker with your information printed on it.

Fluorescent labels

Businesses that want their custom made signs to be visible during all hours of the day may want to consider fluorescent labels. These labels come in neon colors, and are meant for inside use to draw even more attention to their products. Retail stores may find these are just the type of label that they have been looking for.

Static clings

Typically used on mirrors or inside windows on stores and cars, static clings are a useful way to communicate with a business’ targeted audience. At Pressure Sensitive Products, we can make these window graphics in many sizes, colors and shapes with our precision cutting and printing equipment. This allows business owners to order multiple, custom static clings at once, saving them time and money.

Businesses should consider static clings because they do not leave adhesive residue after removing the graphic from the surface. Static clings can be used to promote new products, sales specials or announcements. Communicating with the targeted audience from many channels can increase sales and build a loyal client base. Window graphics are typically printed with UV ink, which means that the static clings will stay colorful all year despite exposure to sun or other weather elements.

Lexan Labels

Equipment that gets a lot of wear and tear from handling, may benefit from utilizing Lexan/polycarbonate labels. Sub-surface printed for print durability, Lexan labels can be made with a velvet, clear or matte finish. Typically used for name plates, overlays, control panels, and high end labels, these custom made labels and decals are generally printed on .005 or .010 mil Lexan with a high tac permanent adhesive applied after printing. Pressure Sensitive Products can cut these labels in many shapes and sizes, allowing application to any surface.

Hard hat decals

Construction sites always require anyone on site to wear a hard hat. Your company can increase brand awareness with custom made decals for hard hats. These decals usually are the business’ logo, although some companies also include their names and phone numbers. Because hard hats are made in a variety of shapes, you will want your company’s logo to fit perfectly in the headgear’s design. At Pressure Sensitive Products, our printing and precision cutting techniques makes it easy to create a decal that will fit any size or shape hard hat.