AT&T changes company tagline to ‘Mobilizing Your World’

For more than four years, AT&T has told people all over the world to "Rethink Possible." After doing thorough research on this slogan, the telecommunications business decided to create a new message, one that directly correlates to the services AT&T offers, according to the company's blog.

AT&T's senior vice president of brand marketing Esther Lee feels that "Rethink Possible" is still relevant to the company's core ethos, "based on timeless truths about our company." However, Making the switch to "Mobilizing Your World" represents the needs of today's multi-device consumer, and that message will be spread across television campaigns, vinyl banners and billboards.

"As we look to the future, we are mobilizing your world in so many ways," Lee wrote. "As more and more devices, applications and services seamlessly work together on our network and platforms, we will continue to both simplify life as well as open doors to all sorts of new possibilities."

How soon do you think Americans will catch on to AT&T's new tag line? Pretty soon: Kantar Media explained that the telecommunications company is the third-largest advertising spender in the United States. An estimated $1.8 billion was spent on custom print displays, so expect AT&T to make a large presence with "Mobilizing Your World."

AT&T's decision to create a message that tailors to consumers who leverage multiple devices, as well as entrepreneurs who also rely on an omnichannel workflow, shows that the company is willing to meet the demands of the 21st century. Some of these advertisements were shown during the Professional Golf Association's Masters tournament earlier this month.

Business owners who have considered a new message can communicate the announcement with custom window graphics. This way, customers will be informed right away about specific changes.