Using photos to make banner stand out

Photographs don't always make a good addition to your visual marketing materials, but in certain circumstances they can enhance the design and colors you choose. For pole banners that hang in pairs along major roads where drivers can easily see them, photos are one way to attract the eye as long as the images are clear and fit in well the banner material they are printed on.

An article in The Tennessean provides one example of a pole banner design that displays photos in a way that feels appropriate for its purpose. According to this source, Spring Hill created more than 30 banners to honor local veterans as well as those still serving in the military.

The rules of the Service Member Banner Program allow for 50 banners to be displayed at any time, although 11 have ben retired since the initiative began in 2012. A photo included with this article shows two of the banners, which combine bright patriotic imagery with clear lettering announcing the name of each soldier, as well as the branch of the military that they served in.

One of the advantages of the double banners is the way they can display a lot of information at once, so organizations accomplish multiple goals at once. When photos make sense, they can blend into an artfully designed background and give the promotional campaign some specificity it might not otherwise have. This can be effective for both local residents and newcomers who aren't familiar with the people and places depicted on fabric banners.

These displays can also be used in conjunction with vinyl signs for a coherent branding experience.