Is it time for a business signage ‘refresh?’

Knowing when to revitalize your business' marketing strategy requires companies to take a good look at themselves and how they've evolved over the years. Every business wants a classic logo or branding strategy that will help them stand the test of time, but the right signage options still have to be tied to the company they are representing.

Whether it's part of a larger rebranding that includes a new website or is simply limited to in-store signage, implementing new POP signs and other displays can stem from a real desire to make your business represent itself accurately to the public.

In an article for Forbes, contributor Steve Olenski mentions some of the situations in which a company could consider a "facelift." Some of the scenarios he touches on could also impact the signage choices companies make.

For example, he says that businesses should consider whether or not their name accurately reflects their current services and market, something businesses with a long history might especially need to address.

"If your company name is Tri-State Dog Groomers, then would your customers know that you also groom cats or provide boarding services?" Olenski asks. "Make sure that your business name reflects the products and services that you offer so that customers know exactly what you're all about."

Other possible business changes that could require similar changes in signage include changes in competition and media. Are you trying to appeal to more mobile internet users? Was your original logo just meant to be temporary?

When some element of presentation needs to change, POP advertising can be an important part of bringing new imagery and text straight to the in-store customer.