Using a wide spectrum of police vehicles

The traditional look of the police car is so familiar that many departments throughout the country may use it as the template for their vehicles. However, officials can choose from a wide range of different logo designs, that match the different vehicles needed to successfully patrol a target area and enforce the law in the places where they are needed.

The Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette recently commented on the diversity among police cars and SUV's in that state's police fleet. Benton County Sheriff Kelley Cradduck even referred to the varying kinds of vehicles in use as a "bag of Skittles out there in the parking lot," some of which don't feature logos at all to try and lend the driver the element of surprise. Some of the vehicles have also been seized, which adds to the range police have to work with.

While the patrol vehicles that another nearby county uses are uniformly white, other colors such as black, blue and gold are either currently visible on vehicles in that region or will be in the future. Along with the color departments rely on for their logos, police officers should also be concerned with night visibility for vehicles deployed during late hours: an obvious option to help address this is a series of fluorescent or reflective markings to make it easier for police personnel to be seen after dark. These have to fit the body of whatever vehicle is being used.

All of these are reasons that custom fleet wraps are an ideal choice for police with lots of models and makes to take into account.