Gothic TV show marketed through special window graphics

If your product has a special aesthetic, it can be reflected in the unique window graphics and images your company employs. Showtime, for example, has been taking a spooky tactic to promote its new Gothic pastiche show, Penny Dreadful. 

The show is a stylized horror drama set in Victorian England. As such, it would make sense for the company to choose a marketing technique that plays this up, and that's exactly what they did, according to Co. Create.

This article shows evidence of the animated window displays that Showtime recently put up in two different cities, Los Angeles and New York. In front of these specially designed screens, passersby can walk and see an image of a 19th century London street populated by moving shadows.

In addition to the shapes of people in old styles of dress, people walking on the street can see distorted representations of themselves, along with the silhouettes of carriages and birds. The article quotes from Jake Lee-High, the CEO of the company that made this display, on why it has received such a strong response.

"It is an effect the people have not seen before, and it is fun to watch them try and figure out the magic that is making it visible," he said.

Geekosystem reported on other related campaigns that are promoting the show, including a reprinting of some of the literary source material. Classic novels like Frankenstein and Dracula have been given new looks in an attempt to both be true to their content and tie it all back to the look of the series.

Even if you don't have access to this particular technology, affordable custom window graphics can give your products a unique branded experience.