Merging letters together for a distinctive logo

Can your business be boiled down to just its initials? If so, there's an opportunity to come up with an attractive logo that fits the style of the brand and, just as importantly, fits onto a variety of different signage options. Once you have decided whether or not this works for your company, you can expand the use of such a logo into different media with the help of custom screen printing.

Though initials can be bold and defined, merging letters together in different ways may suggest some unique designs that keep the public interested. Trying this out in a smaller format, such as on a business card, gives companies a lower-stakes way to test a different style of image or text.

Paste Magazine recently profiled some examples of different cards that lace the letters of cardholder names together in memorable ways. Mineral Photographer Thomas P. Shearer uses a colorful background with the letters T, S and P all intertwined in fancy, distinctive white font. Michelle Miller Interiors displays the initials in gold against a soft, creamy color to stand out. 

Emphasizing just the letters of the company's name could help develop a corporate identity, key to successful branding and engagement with customers. Solid graphic design work will create the building blocks of other initiatives as the business tries out varying kinds of branding options.

Although the exact same look might not work for larger signs or trade show banners, professional designers can take the positive aspects of a minimal, "letters only" logo and translate it easily into these other media. Whatever the final outcome needs to be, it's important to start with a clear idea of what the company wants from its logos.