Microsoft promotes video game with immersive bus stop

Creating signs that don't directly feature your logo or name can be a risky move. However, some create an atmosphere that suggests the effect your product would have on a consumer, which could prove to be an effective strategy, since it involves the viewer more deeply in the imagery.

AdWeek reported on the way that Microsoft has taken this idea to heart, by creating bus shelter promos that immerse the commuter in a virtual world. It's specifically done to promote "Sunset Overdrive," an upcoming video game for the company's Xbox system.

People who step into small bus stops in London, Melbourne and San Francisco see an animated recreation of the city street around them—except it features monster characters from the game. The video screen is made to look somewhat naturalistic but still features a small ESRB game rating and bright cartoony colors to let viewers know what the sign refers to.

Xbox marketing professional Julie Lowe described the intention behind this campaign and why it works for this particular game. The company wants a particular look for all of the advertising surrounding it.

"Our big challenge for Sunset Overdrive is it's a new title, it's part of a new franchise that people don't necessarily have a lot of brand recognition for," she said. "There's a trend in video game advertising to do increasingly new and inventive things, and this is something we haven't seen anywhere else."

Companies should consider all of the marketing tools at their disposal, including vinyl signs, capable of bringing the user to this level of engagement. Placing these signs in strategic places will get the customer's interest and draw them into your product's story.