Minnesota tourism agency expands marketing budget by 65 percent

Businesses continue to experiment with a multitude of marketing strategies, but time and again, go back to using billboards, window graphics and vinyl banners to get their message across.

Earlier this month, Minnesota's tourism agency, Explore Minnesota, decided to launch its "Only in Minnesota" campaign, one that is expected to be spread across 14 states in the Midwest and several Canadian provinces, a local ABC affiliate reported. Explore Minnesota is able to expand its reach this year because Governor Mark Dayton expanded the advertising budget by 65 percent, granting the agency $11 billion across all four seasons.

"Every dollar we invest in promoting Minnesota tourism brings another $84 of consumer spending into our state's economy – supporting Minnesota's vitally important hospitality industry," Governor Dayton told Hometown Source, a local newspaper.  "That is why I worked with the Legislature last year to increase Explore Minnesota Tourism's budget by over 65 percent."

"Only in Minnesota" is intended to focus on attractions that are unique to the area, highlighting the great outdoors, Mall of America, local businesses and creative environment for artists and writers. As of last year, Minnesota was ranked 30th in tourism spending, which brought in $12.5 billion to the state.

Dayton is hoping that these outdoor advertisements will convince Minnesota state residents, as well as those from Missouri, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Montana and Wyoming to find their way to the Golpher State sometime in 2014 to see what it has to offer. Tourism creates more than 245,000 part-time and full-time jobs for residents.

"This new campaign is a movement that will highlight unique Minnesota attractions and engage consumers in conversation about Minnesota travel," Director of Explore Minnesota Tourism John Edman added. "This cutting-edge campaign allows our state to be more competitive, and grow tourism across Minnesota."

While Minnesota's marketing approach is intended to be double the size it was last year, business owners don't have to do the same. As long as the custom print display is hung up in a highly visible area or in a place that attracts the targeted audience, then you're golden.  

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