New logo for Hershey draws on brand color scheme

To the naked eye, the Hershey Company's new logo is only slightly different from their previous one: The block letters all look the same and the color scheme is similar. The most notable change is the addition of a tiny "kiss" image with wrapper and the words "The Hershey Company" below the HERSHEY name.

But this rebranding, which was announced last week, is actually part of a larger plan to connect the chocolate bars with Hershey's name on them to everything else in its vast lineup of candy. Businesses have all sorts of marketing tools, including store window graphics, to make a rebranding like this take hold.

According to a press release announcing the change, Hershey is attempting a large-scale brand renewal by focusing on all of the different colors it uses to market its products. The lineup of well-known candies from Hershey includes Twizzlers, Reese's cups, and other sugary mainstays with bright, distinctive packaging.

Hershey's senior vice president, Mike Wege, said in the statement that the "visual identity system" stems from the company's unique history.

"We have an amazing portfolio of iconic brands in confectionery and snacking, a great workplace filled with remarkable people and a longstanding commitment to giving back to our communities," he said. "Our updated company brand and refreshed visual identity is an expression of our progression to a modern, innovative company that positively impacts our local communities as we continue to grow globally."

The branding is also intended to make the products and their images more universal, adding to the worldwide appeal of the Hershey catalog. Take these factors into account when creating custom screen printing to show off your own brand.