New round of ads for New York City tourism

Many know the famous slogan of New York tourism, "I Heart New York." Now, according to the Albany Bureau, this campaign is getting a boost of star power from various celebrities praising the "City That Never Sleeps" for its summer tourism series.

The spots are all quick, less than a minute, and pair specific images from city life with voiceovers from recognizable stars. Each one discusses around the different facets of the state and the city that appeal to them.

Actor Steve Buscemi cites the historical locations like Ellis Island and the various museums in New York City, while former football player Michael Strahan highlights the outdoorsy activities in places like the Catskills.

Some of the advertisements feature celebrities appearing themselves, and stating that "New York is my home." Inevitably, one of the videos features comments from Billy Joel, whose song "New York State of Mind" is played as part of the campaign as he extols the positive qualities of Long Island.

Summer is obviously a prime time to revisit tourism campaigns. Predictably, New York is not the only one updating its image just in time for the season: Skift recently reported that Connecticut has launched its own summer-themed advertising, using the phrase "Still Revolutionary." The source says that the state is dedicating more than $3 million to this campaign, which includes television spots and billboard ads.

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