Posters play music through use of “conductive ink”

With professional custom screen printing, businesses can make a display that really connects with their desired customer bases.

Look at the creative effort that New Zealand beer company Beck's has put into a recent on-street poster campaign. According to Wellington Scoop, the company has attempted to attract people through a series of posters that can play music and be interacted with.

The "Playable Posters" are designed to look like speakers with colored buttons. The posters are said to be printed with special "conductive ink" that detects when it is pressed. The campaign is designed to play into New Zealand Music Month, which encompasses the entire country, including Auckland and Wellington.

These posters are the size and shape of similar kinds of displays, but are equipped with technology that allows the posters to play tracks from ten different area artists. The source features quotes from a representative of Beck's New Zealand named Pete Dick.

"Globally Beck's has always been closely assimilated with music, art and fresh thinking and in New Zealand we're leading the charge when it comes to cutting edge technology," he said.

Popsop noted that there was another aspect to this campaign, which involved a special branded style of beer, with label's that bear the name "Beck's Records." As the image accompanying that story shows, these beers are obviously linked to Beck's thanks to the wrapper on the bottle's neck, but the main label on the body of the bottle is given a bright makeover that catches the eye and goes well when two bottles are paired together.

As more opportunities are there for companies to use to make their presence known, custom screen printing and other methods might help to put these potential innovations into perspective.