Remembering St. Patrick’s Day largest brands

St. Patrick's Day is the one time of the year everyone hails from some part of the Emerald Isles. There may be more than 34 million Americans of Irish descent in the United States, about seven times the population of Ireland, based on data from Trulia.

Regardless of the population gap, Irishmen in the U.S. and Ireland appreciate many of the same spirits — at least these brands have been around for centuries. However, to ensure brand awareness remains high, these companies launch POP signs and other custom print displays in restaurants, bars and liquor stores.

Guinness is one of the five most-recognized Irish brands. In fact it is considered Ireland's top-selling alcoholic beverage of all time, Inc. Magazine reported. Its history goes back to the 18th century, but it still takes the time to release commercials and advertisements to commemorate St. Patrick's Day.

Campaigns have featured people running down to open gifts covered in green wrapping paper and directing sheepdogs from a pasture to a nearby bar, according to CampaignLive.

Guinness may have a lot of "street credit" to support its Irish roots, but Bailey's Irish Cream may not. Bailey's was made by Gilbeys, a company based out of the Isles, but the name "Bailey's Irish Cream" was chosen for the sole purpose of international branding and marketing. Now, this liqueur is mixed in desserts, alcoholic beverages and coffee.

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