Study: 81 percent of moms think marketing campaigns don’t relate to them

Easter may be over, but spring is still here, so business owners shouldn't lock away their pastel-colored custom print displays just yet. In fact, has your company considered rolling out a marketing campaign for Mother's Day?

Women dominate consumerism in almost every aspect, so failing to recognize the potential of Mother's Day could result in a huge loss. According to data from the Boston Consulting Group, about 70 percent of purchases are driven by women, generating more than $70 trillion of spending worldwide.

Families that want to show appreciation for their mom, aunt, grandmother or any other significant woman in their life want to take advantage of Mother's Day, but it appears that retailers and food establishments continue to fail in their attempts to resonate with mothers.

A survey from Saatchi and Saatchi found that only 19 percent of mothers in the United Kingdom "believe there are examples of mums in advertising they can relate to." This means that a majority of custom print displays, commercials, window graphics and marketing strategies aren't developing a message that resonates with them.

If this is the case in the U.K., it is extremely likely that moms all over the world are having a similar problem with these marketing messages. 

"As a rule, mums tend to be lumped together as one homogeneous group, which inevitably doesn't resonate with us all," Sarah Speake, ITV director of commercial marketing and research, told Marketing Week on the results of the survey. "Whether a stay-at-home mum, single mum, working mum, married mum, mum of younger or older children, we all have fundamentally different requirements to make our lives easier and enable a connection or relationship."

On average, 40 percent of mothers receive flowers on Mother's Day, while 24 percent of moms get gift cards or clothes/accessories as presents, business finance company DB Squared explained. 

It can be hard for customers to purchase a gift that mom will actually appreciate, but if the marketing campaigns aren't taking the time to highlight the multitude of demographics of moms out there, retailers will have to anticipate the mother returning the gift.

Business owners who take the time to identify with all sorts of mothers will be at a significant advantage, because the message is clear and helpful to everyone who is looking for a Mother's Day gift. The holiday might not be for another couple weeks, but Pressure Sensitive Products can help you develop custom print displays that look great, right now.