Use labels to think outside the box for your marketing

Adapt your company's logo or other brand imagery to unusual surroundings with the help of professionally made custom decal stickers. While our site lists some ways that these can be displayed to the world and used to appeal to customers, one of the best things about smaller stickers is how they can be applied to different surfaces, allowing your business the chance to be memorable in the way it markets.

Whatever material you need to cover with company-approved official displays, our varied labels will meet company needs. Some standard options are store windows, cars and construction worker hard hat helmets, and while these are all potentially effective, businesses should be free to adapt their labels to the space that will get the most attention.

The amount of leeway companies have with marketing logos can encourage you to try a new type of stock, new medium for reaching customers, or both. In addition, the ink chosen for stickers matters as well and can fit the way these stickers will be displayed and the time of day in which they will most likely be out.

For example, a sticker meant for a hard hat could feature logos printed in an ink that contrasts with the hat's color, usually a solid and shining material. Displays that will be out at night should be equipped with fluorescent stickers to catch the eye in a way that leads to better brand recognition.

Because we work with materials from 3M, all of our customers should rest assured that their stickers will be durable and high-quality, everywhere they are placed. Experimenting with original tactics and label placement should be easy, and we make it so with different options for both design and materials.