A variety of sign materials to choose from

Pressure Sensitive Products offers signage and banners in varied materials for you to use as you like in all sorts of signage projects. These are durable pieces that will always present a high-quality image, but can be designed to match your store location or event and tailored so they present the message in a central way.

You can read about some of the choices for banner and sign materials on our site. Both the large hanging banners and signs we make can be made from many of the same substances, from Plexiglass to Tyvek. What works best for you will depend on your intended use and the venue that you're considering.

Because we offer custom services and specialized kinds of printing, you can order signs of any type and be confident that our screen printing expertise will help us make just the right quality and style.

Some of these varying options require their own print methods, which we provide. Custom screen printing is optimal for making signs with aluminum which last longer than other types of signs and are perfect for outdoor use, secured in one fixed position. Other images are easier to render using digital printing.

Although we do feature a list of some materials on our site, this is not meant to be a full range of what we can work with. We strive to meet the requirements of whichever job we are hired to do to the exact specification, and that means choosing a suitable type of sign made from whatever will give it the best shelf life and use.

To get a better idea of what sign solutions we can offer you, send us an inquiry through the form on our website.