Banners help with grand openings

Custom screen printing will let your company create banners that are a great fit for a specific event. One example is the opening of a new brick-and-mortar store in an important location. While businesses can use soft openings to discretely start accepting customers, there's nothing quite like a grand opening to turn heads. A big, bright banner announcing this adds a sense of immediacy to the occasion and could invite consumers in who wouldn't stop otherwise.

These events are all about celebration, friendliness and putting the best foot forward to meet incoming customers. While using custom made fabric banners to play up the nature of the event could be a good tactic, businesses should also establish their brand definitively.

Writing for The Business Journals last year, Marc Prosser gave some basic ideas for what the grand opening can include. Though he doesn't mention banners specifically, he does list some standard ways to get visiting customers excited, which could also involve custom signage.

For example, he writes that a "must" for any grand opening is an official tour of the store grounds. "Regardless of the size of your store, you want to make sure visitors are able to easily navigate your store and find the products they want," he said. "Guided tours will also provide you with feedback about the design of your store."

This could be accompanied by signage and banners that advertise the tours and give visitors everything they need to know. On the same note, any special events, giveaways or discounts could be the subject of positive, colorful displays in the main entrance area.

Research the different sign and banner materials on our site and consider what vivid signpieces could do for your brand on opening day!