Budweiser set to launch ‘Rise As One’ marketing campaign for FIFA World Cup

With this year's Winter Olympics over, Budweiser turns its attention to getting sports fans ready for this summer's World Cup held in Brazil. Its multifaceted marketing campaign will include vinyl banners and television commercials.

As the World Cup's official beer sponsor, Budweiser plans on releasing the black and white displays in two phases: online teasers will debut on March 5 and the full release is slated to occur on March 24 across more than 80 countries, according to Marketing Magazine.

Budweiser decided to go with a black and white approach as a way to "focus on the people and their emotion," Budweiser UK's marketing manager Jennifer Anton explained. This approach is expected to make everyone feel connected with one another through soccer. Customers should expect to see "Rise As One" posters and displays until the World Cup ends in July.

To reinforce the beverage company's message, limited edition gold bottles with the World Cup trophy will be readily available this spring as well. 

"While football brings out regional pride and fierce rivalries, it also brings fans across the globe together once every four years through shared passion," Budweiser Global Vice President said in its news release. "With the Rise As One campaign, Budweiser celebrates the world's favorite game and its role in inspiring fans to celebrate the moments that unite us as a global community."

Because Budweiser is readily available across so many countries, the organization estimates that more than 43 million people will see the "Rise As One" marketing tools. As an official partner, Budweiser is looking to increase viewership for the 2014 World Cup from 2010's figures, which was up to 1.23 billion spectators at one point.