Can the World Cup fit into your poster designs?

Your custom screen printing designs might be enhanced by references to a major event like the World Cup. This sporting mainstay has obviously got many around the world tuning in—what can it do for your business? 

Even if your business isn't tied to soccer, sports or the World Cup in any tangible way, you can still take advantage of the popularity of this event to give your own occasion a little more relevance.

A piece recently written for Fast Company describes the way that companies can take tips from the big-name brands that are first in line to use the Cup for marketing.

Writing for that source, Joe King uses the examples of Nike and Adidas to point out the values that make for high-quality World Cup advertising, while also asserting that they are good rules of thumb to have for devising effective pieces in general. Nike used the slogan of "Risk Everything" to particularly good effect, says King.

"The World Cup is a global event, and these massive campaigns have to work across many languages, going beyond national, geographical, and cultural boundaries," he writes. "The ideas that best demonstrate this are based on universal truths that transcend verbal language. Everyone in the world instantly gets 'Risk Everything.'"

Though your own advertising may only cover the local area, taking a more global approach, suitable to the scale of this event, might be a temporary way to get people more interested. 

Looking at different images that average people have created online in support of the World Cup could also generate ideas, and give your company a sense of the kind of excitement it is generating.