Come up with your own custom take on a well-known sign

Your business might be expected to use a type of sign that is common in your industry, but that doesn't mean that you have to do the same thing everyone else is. You have an alternative: custom made signs that give the same effect in your own style.

There's an example of this detailed in a story by the Wall Street Journal: the famous "choking" poster seen in many restaurants. The standard Department of Health version is familiar to many a restaurant goer, but this article profiles one New York-area restaurant that hired a professional illustrator to come up with a more original take on the classic information.

As a result, the choking information sign that hangs in the Sunshine Co. restaurant is a stylized affair that resembles a comic strip. Other examples referred to in the article include samples that look hand-drawn.

The article quotes the artist, Lara Antal, on the way that the new version of the sign hopefully appeals to customers on a more visceral level.

"I'm hoping if you look at a fun choking poster, you're going to remember it a lot more than just some gray zombielike creatures squeezing each other," she said.

Of course, these will only be useful if they can capture attention while at the same time following the regulations that apply to their business. This means that you should turn to a custom screen printing provider that will follow of these requirements and prevent the company from violating the law. This doesn't just apply to restaurants, and can be relevant to any brick and mortar business with signs it is required to show.