Could too much complexity hurt your sign?

Attention to detail generally shows that a business has taken time to carefully design its signage materials. But there are situations when too much detail can distract from the actual purpose of a sign. And in those cases, going for a simpler option could be better.

The city of Seymour, Indiana, has had to contend with the issues of a newly re-envisioned13-foot welcome sign. A photo included with an article from the Associated Press shows the new signage, which features the city's name lighted under an ornate pattern, featuring images like a steam train and a plane rotor that all have some connection to Seymour's history.

The source says the sign cost $1 million total and has upset residents who feel this money could have been used elsewhere. The Mayor of Seymour, Craig Leuderman, addressed the controversy when he told local news source WDRB that the sign was intended to grab the viewer's attention.

"Our goal was to get you into Seymour, Indiana, to get you off the interstate," he said "It worked. You're here." He also referenced the backlash, saying "I actually just left a local restaurant and a guy greeted me and said the sign looks fabulous so you get that and you get some oh the sign, we spent way too much money. You're going to have that."

All the same, businesses and other enterprises need to employ the custom screen printing techniques that will help inform possible customer behavior for those who are unfamiliar with what you have to offer. This story also shows the importance of saving money when it comes to creating engaging and distinctive displays that sum up the character of the brand without overwhelming the viewer. Ordering custom signs in advance will save you money in the long run.