Echo your logo in unique sign supplements

Once your business has created an appealing logo, it can use vinyl signs and other tools to recapture this image in different forms. This sets the stage for businesses to eventually use even less conventional means of getting out their message. 

A piece for BizBash recently examined some of the less-conventional ways that logos can be rendered in an event space, based on examples from the real world of event marketing. Floating "zygote balls" (giant balloons with company names on them), and fabric walls were just some of the possible vehicles for company logos and images.

Another example comes from a company referenced in the piece that arranged a series of differently-colored apples to resemble its logo. The article suggests that incorporating products into the displays themselves makes an engaging and surprising alternative to traditional signage.

However, this is more effective when the logo of the company is already established, and that comes with high quality signs made with standard materials beforehand. Part of the reason that the British bakery company Mr. Kipling was able to make a notable presence with a "poster" made out of cake earlier this year was that the logo displayed was already recognizable from previous advertisements. Viewers got to see a brand they already knew and love rendered in a surprising way, which is part of the reason it worked.

Vinyl signs set the tone for future marketing campaigns by displaying the proper brand image so everyone sees and remembers it no matter how it is rendered later. Create a series of vinyl signs that point the way for more signage with the right combination of color and graphic elements.