Fantasy baseball leagues can now display signs at MLB stadiums

In the past, Major League Baseball events have banned ads for fantasy leagues on the grounds that they promote a form of gambling. However, Forbes reports that the MLB is changing its tune, allowing for these organizations to advertise themselves at major parks. This brings up the question of when and where vinyl signs can be appropriate for one business closely related to another.

Professor Marc Edelman is the author of the Forbes piece, and he notes the potential positive effect on how these companies are perceived in different states. A possible problem is that these companies can advertise services that are technically illegal in certain areas. That means companies need to put thought into the signs they display and avoid any misleading language or imagery.

Edelman goes on to state that practices might change so that fantasy sports businesses are more in touch with local regulations.

"It's odd to think that soon baseball fans could be able to view ads for daily fantasy sports at Chase Field," he writes. "But if the fans at the ballpark enter into these contests, they will have technically committed a misdemeanor."

Baseball parks, stadiums and other sports arenas are classic sites for ads, and audiences are familiar with the site of company logos and slogans plastered on the wall around the diamond. The giant screens and billboards also offer marketing potential for businesses. These don't always reflect the location and setting, but that can play a role in the way companies design their sports-based advertising, too.

Even relatively simple custom made signs have to be within the law and encourage proper behavior.