Get visual with flashy in-store window displays

Does your brick-and-mortar store carry items with special visual appeal? Choose those as the focal point of your window display, because they will be more likely to intrigue passersby and get them to stop. Placing well-crafted custom window graphics in the same space is also useful for capitalizing on this part of your store: A good campaign will combine both to useful effect.

An article for the New Jersey news source the Hunterdon County Democrat recently centered on the attractive ways that shops have brought their goods to the forefront. One great example of this is fashion boutiques, like local outlet Alchemy, run by Cleo Sharplin.

She told the source that her two separate window displays giver her the chance to display different kinds of products at the same time. Since she sees a wide range of both local customers and tourists, these displays let her promote material to both and work through her catalog for the most visually dynamic items.

"One window displays dressy things—for brides, mother of the bride, parties and the like," Sharplin says. "The other window shows unusual clothing, accessorized with scarves, gloves, jewelry—lots of jewelry." She also adds later on in the piece that "people tell me that they cannot find similar items even in New York," a testament to these displays' effectiveness.

Since the holiday season is upon us soon, there's even more reason to put interesting visuals where customers can see them from the street. Some businesses, like Harrods in the UK, are well-known for their luxurious displays, and incorporate themed imagery and mannequins with replicas of products they sell.

Along similar lines, your business should combine both new display materials and existing items on your shelves in a masterful window display.