Guide visitors to a location with helpful signage

Durable vinyl signs can be helpful for businesses and organizations that want to reach drivers and others out of doors. Placing a sign that is resistant to the elements within easy view of motorists and other travelers will help attract attention. But when doing so, clarity is important, as is specificity, so potential customers know how to find your business' location.

This might not always be within the business control, given the different regulations that might apply in states and counties. Writing for the Daily Press, Travis Fain recently wrote about the frustration of finding certain restaurants from the highway after seeing a sign that doesn't clarify exactly where to find something.

Part of this could come down to how often a business updates their signage: what may have been close to the highway before isn't necessarily as close now. The larger issue concerns how clear these signs are for motorists, as Fain says that businesses in Virginia could be "up to 3 miles away from the exit," compared to two miles in Georgia. 

When your business has more control over this, you should take advantage of that fact for custom made signs that will anticipate customer need and questions. If you are promoting your business or agency near a busy are, you might want to be more specific about how far your target audience will need to travel to reach you instead of simply pointing in a direction. Spelling out the number of miles they will need to drive is just one way that you can give them the feeling that they mean something to the brand.

Designers across the country will listen to your requests and follow the details you give us closely.