How custom printing services are planning for Super Bowl XLVIII

Super Bowl XLVIII is not slated to occur until February 2, 2014, but marketers in New York and New Jersey are trying to make the most of this opportunity by offering a slew of custom printing services.

Although the National Football League's championship game is known to create all sorts of opportunities for advertisers, this edition of the Super Bowl is expected to cost marketing agencies millions of dollars — about $4.5 million for a 30-second television time slot, to be exact, according to Media Post. 

"The demand for in-game advertising time for Super Bowl XLVIII is actually greater than the supply, which is a terrific problem for us to have," Neil Mulcahy, executive vice president of Fox Sports Sales, told the source.

Television spots during the game's broadcast are already sold out, but there are many other mediums to choose from. Ranging from Metropolitan Transportation Authority subways in New York City to the billboards along Interstate 95, which is the closest highway to MetLife Stadium, there is plenty to go around this Super Bowl season.

"We're seeing pricing premiums here for all media," Suzanne Grimes, president of Clear Channel Outdoor, North America, told the New York Post. "Outdoor is un-skippable. There's no ability to fast forward."

What these businesses have to keep in mind with these billboard spaces is that they have to walk the fine line between advertising their own products and services because many of these displays are supposed to revolve around the NFL and its exclusive advertisers, the Star-Ledger reported. Keeping it unique without going too outside the course of football may be tricky, but doing so will avoid the chance of losing this valuable ad space.

What makes this year's Super Bowl different from other years is that the New York City metro area is known for having extravagant advertising campaigns, so experts are planning to make the most of this visible sporting event.