How to make the most of a vinyl banner display

Outdoor advertising has proven to be a valuable asset to marketers because of its ability to inspire, connect and amplify a message to onlookers. Americans spend 70 percent of their day outside of their home, so businesses have many opportunities to draw prospective customers in with a window graphic or vinyl banner, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America.

Banners can be found in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings, but companies that take the time to shop around for a great location to showcase their banner will be rewarded. Get it wrong on the first few attempts and it is possible you may never get another chance on a prospective customer, because onlookers spend an average three seconds looking at a banner before turning their attention elsewhere.

Balancing location and quality of the banner is an issue custom printing services and business owners face, but Marketing Profs contributor Kim Stearns offers some information on how to design a powerful banner.

"If you want to have any chance of communicating with viewers, you'll have to make it snappy," Stearns wrote.

Marketing novices tend to use too many of the wrong design techniques, whether it be applying hard-to-read block text on the banner or using colors that are harsh on the eyes. To avoid these mistakes, consider some of these tips from Stearns. 

  • Simplicity is key – Banners that are thought-provoking, but easy to read, typically make the most impact. It sounds like a simple task, yet it is hard to create a unique slogan or phrase. Tried and true mottos may apply here, but that may not draw as much traffic as designing a straight-forward display — the theme of the banner should be clear.
  • Less words will mean more – Stearns recommends limiting each banner to eight words or less, but this may fluctuate based on the type of banner your company designs. Always keep in mind that your banner has three seconds to make a lasting impression.
  • Balance graphics and text – Banners may offer a large space, but that doesn't mean businesses should include every bit of information on the display. Make the maximum impact by creating a banner that refuses to be ignored. That goal can be achieved with enticing images or groups of text, which can balance one another out. 

"Your sign should be sufficiently bright and conspicuous to attract attention and sufficiently informative," Entrepreneur Magazine explained.

Banners may be a popular way to grab the attention of onlookers, but when organizations are competing among a sea of competitors, business owners can benefit from a professional custom services provider.