International advertising spending expected to rise by 4.6 percent in 2014

Last year, the American economy saw significant growth across many sectors. The unemployment level has reached its lowest rate in years, the cost of residential and commercial real estate is on the rise.

Because the 2014 Winter Olympics is expected to begin in February and a few months later, the 2014 World Cup, business owners who are looking to attract customers with enticing sales or promotions can benefit from the use of decals, vinyl banners or vehicle graphics. International sporting events draw in a large audience, so the use of any of these popular marketing tools have great potential for small, medium and large organizations.

These international sports events in particular are hard to come by since they happen once every four years, prompting spending on advertising to increase by 4.6 percent around the world. Marketers told the Wall Street Journal that they plan to expand their budgets for the Latin America and Asia-Pacific regions, which are the two markets hosting the World Cup and Olympics, respectively.

Nonetheless, the American advertising marketplace is equally as valuable to marketers as consumers continue to use outdoor advertising tools to appeal to others. Advertising spending is expected to climb anywhere from 2.9 to 4.7 percent in the United States in 2014, reaching $160.8 billion.

In addition to these sporting events, businesses should consider holidays and local, community events that grab a hold of the general public's attention and present considerable marketing opportunities. Business owners can have a strong year if they plan accordingly. Waiting for the perfect opportunity can cost companies a lot more than setting aside the appropriate amount of time to design a comprehensive and targeted marketing approach.