LUSH Cosmetics launches campaign against Amazon U.K. managing director

LUSH Cosmetics, a United Kingdom-based business, recently won a copyright infringement lawsuit against Amazon's U.K division for offering similar bath and body products under the term "lush," even though the two parties don't have a distributing partnership.

Despite Judge John Baldwin's ruling on the case, which explains that the court "recognize[d] Lush's intellectual property rights after they brought trade mark infringement proceedings against Amazon," the e-commerce marketplace has no plans on taking down the search term because they plan on appealing the case, the Guardian reported.

In response to Amazon's decision to go against the High Court's decision, LUSH co-Founder Mark Constantine decided to launch a marketing campaign against Amazon. The cosmetics company copyrighted "Christopher North,"who is the managing director of Amazon U.K to release a line of products that are inspired to help anyone who has a "recent history of dry dull skin," according to Marketing Magazine.

This may come off as an offense marketing approach on LUSH's part, but this is not the first time the business has gone with this strategy. Past window graphics included visuals of actors going through brash abuse by cosmetic testers—the message is that all of their products are gentle enough to be tested on humans during the early stages. 

LUSH's decision to release Christopher North bath and body products originally started as a joke, but Constantine told the source that he plans on releasing a full line of goods like deodorant, leg wax and toothpaste if Amazon continues to protest the ruling.

"We registered the name 'Christopher North' as a cosmetic product as a class [three] trademark," LUSH spokesman told Marketing Magazine. "This was to make a point about how upsetting it is to have something personal to you, used by someone else."

When a marketing campaign is executed with high-quality materials and messages, it has the ability to evoke an array of emotions.