Make lamppost banners that work for you

For community events, displaying a banner in a visible place is essential to get people talking about it. Fortunately, banners are adaptable and easy to hang in various outdoor areas. Lampposts are a common place for events and institutions to attract attention, and if they are designed for these places and hung the right way, banners will be easy to see and make a good impression on the public.

Like vinyl signs, vinyl banners are durable and laminated, and can be mounted based on the place where they are meant to be displayed, whether along side a road or at one specific location. Because they can be designed to fit a specific size, these banners have to be colorful and legible. If they are placed on a series of lamp posts lined up next to each other, then each banner can carry a slightly different image or some new information.

Different communities may have their own guidelines or preferences for banners. The New York City Department of Transportation, for example, only allows vertical banners as long as they don't contain advertisements and fit within specific dimensions. Organizations that want a banner need to file a permit with the Department, which can only stay in effect for 30 days, although in some cases it will extend to 90.

Pressure Sensitive Products doesn't just provide the banner, but also the stands and stakes for rooting it firmly into the ground as is needed. Custom service is necessary for institutions to get a product they will be proud of that also matches local legislation and industry guidelines. In addition, PSP has talented staff that will understand your project and approach it with your specifications in mind.