McDonald’s features individual store signs in new campaign

Even when your company manages a chain of different locations, every specific piece of signage you deploy will have something unique about it. McDonald's, one of the most recognizable fast-food businesses on the planet, recently tried to spotlight the differences in particular signs throughout the U.S. in a social media-friendly campaign.

The main crux of this campaign is a commercial that shows examples of the familiar "marquee" signs that sit under the golden arches at the brand's many locations. Some of these are digital and some use standard letter boards, but they make reference to different dates and events throughout the nation, sometimes using place names to show specificity. Several examples reference national tragedies or sad events as well as personal milestones like anniversaries.

However, opinions of this commercial seem to be divided, according to CNN Money. Many on Twitter have condemned and mocked the ad for exploiting some of the tragedies the signs refer to, or downplaying the sacrifices of the men and women affected by them.

Writing for Salon, Mary Elizabeth Williams expressed mixed feelings about McDonald's strategy. While she expressed some disapproval herself, she also acknowledged that she was not the target demographic of the ad and that "for many people – including those who live in the same community I do – McDonald's is home base. Seeing a sign that says 'Happy anniversary' or 'Welcome home's has meaning to other people that is real."

By creating vinyl signs that have some sort of specific tie to the location they are displayed at, your business can use a similar tactic to make its own marketing materials stand out in comparison with each other and hammer home a message of togetherness.