New brands use classic marketing techniques

Just because your business is in a cutting-edge industry doesn't mean you can't get value from old-fashioned signs. In fact, Ad Week reported that many well-known tech companies have been recently employing standard signs and posters to great effect, especially in public places and on transportation.

According to this source, application-based companies like Foursquare, GrubHub and Facebook use these standard displays simply because they are effective and reach the desired customer base. These signs are especially useful in subways, where travelers often see the brand message on their commutes to or from work and are inspired to connect.

One example cited by this article is the series of ads Facebook has been using to promote its Messenger service. These are designed to be grand and humorous, and feature the logo in the center of the image so viewers are enticed to download.

In a NewsLedge piece on FourSquare's subway-based campaigns, a statement from the COO of the company, Jeff Glueck, revealed the intention behind this company's marketing strategy. He said that it reflects their demographic. 

"The ads really go after the idea that we all have different tastes and different friends. We shouldn't always get the same recommendations," he said. "The local and travel guides of today could be much better with personalization. So the copy will again and again say, 'The new Foursquare learns what you like and leads you to places you love.''

You can create custom screen printing that will speak to the user and place your brand close to receptive future customers. Businesses that might not normally seem to be a good fit with this form of display could actually get more value out of it than they anticipate.