New Jersey implements upbeat signage

While all business signage should be honest about what it represents, there's also a place for messages that just want to make people feel good. According to CBS New York, the City of Newark, New Jersey, has turned to a local artist to create signs that display simple, positive slogans in easy-to-spot colors.

The source reports that the signs were created by a British New Jersey resident named Killy Kilford. Displayed alongside each other, they show messages that are generally affirmative and even broach some mildly political statements like "Love Up, Guns Down." There will be 200 signs placed around the city as the result of this ad campaign, and the different statements came from a series of high school students.

Some of the other messages on these signs include "Newark Loves You Bruh" and "Follow Dreams, Not Crowds." This week, the mayor of Newark, Ras Baraka, spearheaded the initiative, which is also being launched on social media via the hashtag #Happystreetsigns.

A statement from Mayor Baraka quoted by the New Jersey Star-Ledger described the passion surrounding the project and the hope that it will foster positive attitudes within the city.

"We are really looking forward to working with Killy Kilford to bring Happy Street signs to Newark," he said. "We hope that these signs will provide our residents with motivation and inspiration as they read them while walking through the streets of their neighborhood."

Has your business considered putting similar positive messages on its vinyl signs? By doing so, you increase the chance that customers will react to you favorably, or at least think happy thoughts when they see you.