Penn State’s $1,700 banner goes missing

During Homecoming season last October, Pennsylvania State University launched an $800,000 public relations campaign featuring yard signs, a video and banners, but one of the three vinyl banners went missing from central campus' Sackett Building.

University officials told the Center Daily Times that they had planned to take down the displays sometime in December, resulting in an estimated loss of $1,700 for Penn State. As of January 13, there are no leads as to who would have taken down the signage.

Despite the university's concerns over the blue and white banner, students and alumni felt resources could have been allocated better than to a bland banner that read, "Penn State lives here." Members of the school's paper, the Daily Collegian, expressed such in an editorial when the campaign was released in October.

"This is Penn State University, where else would it live?"

Along with the outdoor banners, a video that highlighted Penn State's accomplishments was aired during halftime on October 12 against the University of Michigan. Similar to the banner, the message did not communicate a fresh idea, just reiterated points students and alumni may already be aware of.

It is unclear why Penn State went with the "Penn State lives here" message, but it cost the college thousands of dollars — the source added that it is likely that Penn State might end up paying more than the estimated $800,000 when the campaign is entirely over. 

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