Pizza Hut attempts a brand image makeover

Recent years have seen "fast food" chains attempt to become more like the "fast casual" chains that young people have embraced. As opposed to the bright colors and overbearing atmosphere of classic burger joints, "fast casual" restaurants emphasize space, mood lighting and fresh ingredients, all of which may have influenced Pizza Hut's new look.

The brand has changed its business style, from its logo to the items on its menu, reportedly in an attempt to entice younger customers. The logo has become simpler and more shaded, with the famous "roof" image now becoming more abstract and contrasting with a filled-in red swirl background.

As far as the menu goes, Slate reports that there are several new flavors and toppings being added to shake up Pizza Hut's image. These include honey sriracha sauce, spinach and banana peppers as well as several new crust styles intended to capture what the brand calls "the Flavor of Now."

TIME Magazine recently attended a media event where Pizza Hut's CEO David Gibbs said that this rebranding reflects the needs of the times and is meant to broaden the appeal of the chain.

"America's tastes are changing," he said. "People are interested in bold new flavors. It's a pretty natural move to be the one to take the pizza category where nobody's taken it before with all these new flavors and ingredients." He also added that, although younger customers might naturally gravitate towards these new offerings "there's something on the menu for everybody."

Any rebranding needs to be emphasized with designs that carry the right message, and vinyl signs that display those images clearly and faithfully. Done well, something this ambitious will win over new crowds while keeping the devoted fans loyal.