Posters of ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ highlight major battle scene

Comic book and action movie lovers alike may be exhausted by remakes of Spiderman, but the release of the "Amazing Spider-Man" in 2012 turned out to receive more praise than many expected.

In response to rumors around the second part of the trilogy, which is slated to come out May 2, 2014, onlookers are clear of one thing: there will be a fight scene between Spidey and the villain Electro in New York City's Time Square, MTV reported.

On New Year's Eve, three posters with similar landscapes were released all over the world. While the first "Amazing Spider-Man" focused on a more somber theme, Screen Crush contributor Mike Sampson is not so sure what to think of this marketing campaign.

"We feel like there could've been something more here to indicate the mood of the film or the tone they're looking for, mostly because so far we have no indication of the mood of the film," Sampson wrote.

Despite such limitations, one of the three posters, which features a close-up of Spider-Man's eye with the reflection of Electro, is closest thing to the "Amazing Spider-Man 2" theme.

Going with two completely different approaches could work, but with the release of three similar posters and a trailer that backs up the notion that these characters will cross paths, what else can viewers look for this spring?

Perhaps this is the beginning of many other "Amazing Spider-Man" posters, slowly drawing people in to look forward to other electrifying scenes, but until then, moviegoers are back to feeling that Spider-Man films have been remade one too many times.