Put new state and city logos on multiple media

State organizations that want to draw attention to new or old attractions should keep an open mind when brainstorming a new logo, especially if they're creating the first logo a particular place or event has ever had.

Until recently, San Antonio, TX, has had no official logo for its local Riverwalk, a well-known park and tourist attraction. Now, multiple sources are saying that the walk will soon have its own image, designed to capture the flavor of the area and also be easily placed on merchandise. KSAT12 reported on the unveiling of the new logo, which has been in development since last year and will place the Riverwalk among other popular landmarks.

The project has been overseen by the Paseo del Rio Association, which plans to release merchandise with the new image on it starting next month. Nancy Hunt, the executive director of that organization, told the source about the different options consumers will have to own the logo in the near future.

"The consumer and the visitor get something fun to take home," she said. "We'll have all sorts of (fun things). We'll have beer glasses, shot glasses, T-shirts, and tote bags, and hats and all sorts of wonderful things." In an article for My San Antonio, Hunt said that this new promotional method "articulates" the brand identity that had previously existed but gone unrealized.

All of this diverse brand representation can begin with a series of banners or signs that have been custom screen printed with the right logo. Pressure Sensitive Products will begin the branding process with a well-made piece of signage that is easy to replicate on smaller items later on.