Questionable sign provokes dispute with firearms vendor

Are you describing the nature of your business with your custom logo decals or inadvertently causing distress? Care needs to be taken to ensure that a promotional campaign doesn't go awry and land a business in trouble.

A North Carolina gun store owner has caused some concern due to the sign it uses to advertise its wares. Fuquay Gun & Gold, a firearms store in Fuquay-Vilina, is notable for having the giant image of a pistol hanging on the outside of the building, according to the News Observer.

While this may technically be an honest depiction of what the store does, it could also seem distasteful, as the source suggests. One area woman named Nicole Sickles has been looking for ways to protest the store on the grounds that it is sending the wrong message with this image.

Although so far the disagreement has been civil, the owner of the store, Clay Ausley, has refused to make a change.

"If I'm pleasing – and I am – the majority of the folks in Fuquay-Varina with the way I run my business, it's hard to make concessions for one person," he said.

The line between what is acceptable and what could discourage further business might be hard to grasp, but important all the same. Even if your business does deal in something potentially contentious like firearms, additional signage explaining the rules surrounding these products is important. Another sign for a gun store in Texas has prompted some media attention for being forward and expressing controversial opinions.

When your business turns to custom sign printing, it has to do so thoughtfully. A business that makes this their stock and trade may be in a position to help you proceed in a thoughtful manner.