Reduce clutter with effective, official signage

Signs made for official municipal and state use are best when they are cleanly produced and easy for onlookers to read. Having a good design in mind is only part of the equation, as the signs have to be printed onto a durable surface correctly and positioned in a prominent location. If all of these factors work together, important information will be conveyed to onlookers easily.

Parking signs are an example of the kinds of displays that have to be up to professional standards to work correctly. Wired recently reported on a possible redesign the city of Los Angeles is undertaking to make parking more efficient. The state Department of Transportation is working with a New York-based designer, Nikki Sylianteng, on a streamlined sign that will condense the information that often require several different signs to communicate.

Residents in the city are likely to know the multiple color-coded signs that are stacked on top of each other and attached to a pole. Under the alternative sign plan, drivers will be able to see where they are and aren't able to park, as well as where passenger loading and tow zones are and what hours pertain to each. 

Senior transportation engineer Ken Husting said this plan has "overwhelming support" at the moment. When describing the current parking signage situation, he said "Being in charge of the city's on-street parking program, I was even having a hard time understanding it."

Whether authorities need vinyl signs, canvas or steel, printing the appropriate graphics and legends will make it less likely that the intended audience of these signs will get confused. Professionals will help advise as to the look of the sign and where certain graphic elements need to be placed on them for the strongest effect.