Sam Adams brewery uses creative window to celebrate brand

Window graphics are a good way for brands to express themselves in creative ways with ties to their history. Famous New England-based beer maker Samuel Adams has used a pair of artfully designed faux stained-glass windows to promote one of its brands within its Cincinnati, OH, brewery, and the results feature famous images from local beer-making history.

In mock Medieval style, the windows represent colorful figures meant to draw attention to its Kosmic Mother Funk collection of beers. According to, the windows are a double tribute to both the architectural designs of traditional German breweries and the city itself, with founder Jim Koch and a typical Belgian monk among the people discernible in these displays.

Although the windows are actually just made to look like stained glass, the effect is reportedly striking. Greg Hardman, owner of a local brewery, is one of the figures featured in one of the windows, and he described in the source his feelings at being part of this display. Koch, who grew up in Cincinnati, is also one of the men in the window, and he and Hardman are notably the only still-living characters depicted.

"I was really humbled to be immortalized in the presence of such great Cincinnati brewers in the Samuel Adams Barrel House stained glass window," he said. "It was totally unexpected and shows the class of my great industry friend Jim Koch and the entire Boston Beer Co. team to include me."

Custom window graphics, if done well, can tell customers why a certain location is important to a brand and help them learn more about its history in an entertaining way. They can also incorporate other styles, as these "stained glass windows" did, to interesting effect.