Security symbols send specific message

Do you manage a security company? If so, there's a variety of imagery you're probably familiar with: locks, keyholes, shields and other things that suggest tight control. Whether you work in home security or antivirus software, you're likely to find similar ideas in these logos.

But similar does not mean the same, as Michael Santarcangelo recently wrote for CSO. Your business should treat its custom logo decals as a chance to share its specific approach to security with the world. It should also let customers see the clear distinction between your business and other options.

For example, Santarcangelo notes that handcuffs and chains are common images for security companies. However, these have connotations with the police, an association that private businesses don't necessarily want.

Earlier this year, the security company Lifelock redesigned its logo with the help of Lowe Campbell Ewald. While it uses a lock symbol, it also builds in other touches intend to combine "a tech feel" with a "human element," according to a press release from the designer.

According to him, the solution is to "take a deep breath" and ask customers what they want to see most from your business.

"Keep in mind that a lock conveys a different feeling than a shield," he writes. "Whether you choose to use these or not, the key is think carefully (and maybe test) what it conveys to someone else. The challenge is finding the image that represents our role in understanding and enabling the business, in a way that also protects people."

Whatever your company decides on, truck decals and other signage help the design gain more exposure. In this case, that means making more people feel like your business is safe and has a strong focus.