Squeeze signs into small spaces with decals

By creating custom logo decals, your business has the chance to put its name and brand message in some unconventional spaces. A tailor-made initiative lets you choose the right size, and this means you can tackle some surfaces that standard signs don't normally apply to. Tallying up some of the most effective and surprising ad campaigns that debuted around the world this year, AdWeek recently presented a couple of examples of strong logo placement in unusual spaces.

These include the Spanish company Contrapunto BBDO, which sponsored extra-thin Smart Car ads in cooperation with Mercedes. Although they were sized to fit on the side edges of a standard sign, these ads effectively created a new space for visual content. The ads were also designed to use a lot of blank space and simple images and colors, which helps to prevent viewer confusion.

Another example provided by the source comes from Japan, where local bar Yaocho collaborated with design firms to put text resembling a Twitter "hashtag" on stair steps and in other common places as part of a campaign against public drunkenness.

The signs specifically refer to the way local drinkers will pass out, and even involved framing a living, sleeping person as part of the demonstration. The display also includes a white box that goes up walls and twists into different directions.

Businesses can be simple or elaborate with the help of specially-made displays. In addition to window graphics and other common kinds of decals, you can decide what kind of campaign is going to get the most attention, based on where your target audience is most likely to look.

This frees you from worrying solely about the traditional sign spaces—Instead, you can be more creative and make your signs something that shoppers will have a distinctive memory of later.