Staples announces ‘Make More Happen’ marketing campaign

Whenever you think of staples, two things likely spring to mind: the piece of metal that connects one sheet of paper to another and the office supply retailer. Today, Staples wants customers to know that the days of paper products will be enhanced with 300,000 other items — ranging from safety goggles, exam paper and mannequins, the New York Times reported.

Looking back on Staples' earliest days, Shira Goodman, Staples executive vice president for global growth told the Times that the company almost went with the name "8 1/2 by 11," which may have limited the organization's growth over time.

Its latest marketing campaign, "Make More Happen" is expected to do just that. Between January 6 to mid-February, onlookers will come across a collection of vinyl banners that features the retailer's largest inventory items reconfigured into L-shaped objects, discreetly fitting into the "L" in Staples' name. Whether it be a floor polisher or rubber boot, it is clear that Staples wants to do more than be a paper supplier.

"Someone from a doctor's office who came to our stores used to buy just office products, and every once in a while would buy a laptop," Goodman explained. "But now they can buy rolls of exam table paper, gloves and stethoscopes."

Prior to this campaign, Staples found great success with its "that was easy" marketing campaign, which was featured on custom logo decals and buttons to reinforce the idea that at Staples, processes can completed in a short time period. The downside to "that was easy" is that it was too closely aligned to an image its customers are already aware of, Retailing Today explained.

"Staples makes it easy to make more happen by providing all the stuff businesses need to get stuff done," Steve Fund, Staples SVP of global marketing, told the source. "Our new campaign shows that if you have an idea, Staples has all the products you need to bring it to life."

 "Make More Happen" means a lot more to Staples than a larger inventory, it explains the company's approach to remain the second-largest online retailer to Amazon, which has changed the online shopping experience. In response to Amazon, Staples is going with an omni-channel approach, allowing customers to send online exclusive products to the store or their homes.

Efforts to change Staples' image started last year, when revenue in the third quarter reached $6.1 billion, which was a decrease of 3.8 percent from 2012.

"We're adding thousands of new products every day," Goodman told Retailing Today. "Our expanded product assortment appeals to businesses across a wide range of industries, from medical and restaurants to professional services and retail."

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