Study: Consumers trust traditional advertising methods more

Digital advertising may be an emerging trend within the industry, but are these techniques really getting the message across?

Nielsen surveyed more than 29,000 consumers and found that more of them trusted information from a traditional advertising platform — digital ads have only won the hearts of 44 percent of participants.

Newspaper advertisements led the pack with 63 percent of the vote, but outdoor methods like billboards and vinyl banners were not far behind, grabbing the attention of 55 percent of consumers. Business owners who are trying to get the most out of their marketing budgets can also benefit from these tried-and​-true strategies, instead of relying on methods that have been circulating for only a few years.

For example, online banner advertisements were considered the least trustworthy, with 33 percent of the vote. Almost every website we visit is filled with these displays, but they aren't making as strong of an impression as a custom made sign that tailors to a company not too far from people's homes. 

In fact, research from Adobe Systems found that 82 percent of digital marketing experts are concerned that they aren't reaching their clients' targeted audience well enough. Smaller businesses don't have the resources to take a gamble, which is why there is much more value in traditional outdoor advertising campaigns.

Prospective customers are able to read the message in plain view, and in some cases, also find contact information on a single banner. If displayed in a popular neighborhood or close to your company's storefront, these onlookers will be paying a visit in no time.