‘Teal pumpkin’ project takes new spin on Halloween imagery

The familiar Halloween colors of orange and black have a lot to do with one of the most famous seasonal decorations: the Jack-o-Lantern. But this fall, an initiative to help children find candy that won't trigger their allergies is applying a different shade to the classic pumpkin shape. 

Launched by the organization Food Allergy Research & Education, the Teal Pumpkin Project looks to promote awareness of food allergies through pumpkins that have been painted teal. These brightly colored decorations are meant to signify houses where youngsters can trick or treat without worrying whether the candy they eat will hurt them.

Since not everyone will necessarily be able to paint an entire pumpkin, the initiative has also made special posters available that can be displayed in the doorway of compliant houses. Businesses should also think about the way they can inject different colors or styles into familiar imagery, both to raise awareness and as a marketing move with vinyl signs.

Today features comments from Veronica LaFemina, a representative of FARE, who says that paying attention to candy ingredients makes Halloween safer for children with dietary restrictions. Commonly available candies include ingredients like nuts and milk-products, not to mention the gluten that some foods will be processed in.

"Food allergies are potentially life-threatening," she said. "When we are looking at a Halloween celebration, it is really nice to provide something that is safe." 

From a business perspective, well-designed sign materials are always useful in promoting your company's name. If there's an important variation on a well-known symbol that you want to endorse, you can use your own signs to promote these images without losing the focus on your own brand.